Trap Champion 2006 - Ray Collinson

2006 QCTA State Trap Carnival - Gemfields Clay Target Club
Thank you to Carol Betteridge for the photos

The weather was a balmy 28c and it was fine with a bit of a breeze, early winter in Central Queensland - what a ripper!! Competitors had commenced to arrive by the Friday morning, "tent city" was developing by the hour, practice was on & there was an air of anticipation on Friday afternoon of 'what would be.' Qantaslink/Sunstate Airlines had not transacted so many guns for quite some time as a considerable number of competitors utilised the easy arrival & departure method from Emerald, forgoing many hours behind the wheel for a comfortable look over the sunburnt plains of Central Queensland.
On Friday the QCTA executive conducted a Councillors meeting & Friday night saw the AGM well attended at the Anakie Hall. There was a change of the guard at this meeting as Dennis Harwood was replaced by Wayne Reeves as President & three of the four management positions were occupied with "new blood." Congratulations to Barry Bosworth, John Mack & Don Berrie, with this new team we trust our association will be in good hands for another term.
The QCTA wish to recognise & thank all the sponsors of the 2006 carnival (See their names after each result grouping)
An Encouragement Award was presented to a worthy competitor in every event & thanks go to G&N Guns & George Sckaf as the sponsor of all these trophies. Thanks also go to Clay Targets Australia for their donation of 2000 clay targets for the carnival. And if you picked up a very neat A5 brochure advertising the 2006 Titles at Gemfields you too would like to thank Emerald Shire Council for their support in the preparation of this brochure. And finally Engel Fridges Queensland for their assistance with the raffle prizes.
Emerald had prepared six competition layouts and a practice layout for the carnival. It became quite obvious however that the practice layout & all available hours of daylight would be required to complete the events and shoot-offs. It looked like another attendance record was about to tumble for the third year in a row.

Two hundred & forty nine shooters lined up for Event 1, a 25t Points Score event won last year by Ray Collinson, and sixteen shooters recorded a possible. Following a short opening shoot-off of only 20 single barrel targets Kev Jarick of the Gold Coast waited for the remaining squads to catch up to him at the back of trap 2, it wasn't necessary as the last contender (John Farrell from Guyra) pulled a second on No 20 & Kevin was the Overall winner with a score of 135/135.
1st AA John Farrell (Guyra) 134/135 2nd AA Colin Witt (Gold Coast) 128/129
1st A Tim Gardener (Bundaberg) 114/117 2nd A Neil Sinclair (Mount Isa) 75/78
1st B Allen Bredden (Charters Towers) 77/78 2nd B Laurie Rodden (Pioneer) 83/87
1st C Colin Wright (Gladstone) 69/75 2nd C Stephen Vale (Gemfields) 66/75
Ladies Lil Brandt (Rockhampton) 107/108 Juniors Matt Waugh (Ballandean) 102/102 Veterans Graham Rudd (Rockhampton) 75/75 Encouragement Award: Leigh Szabo (Gold Coast) Event Sponsor: Gold Coast Clay Target Club

Two hundred & fifty one competitors assembled to do battle for Event 2 the 50t State D/B Championship held by Brett Pile in 2005. As the noise abated on Saturday afternoon 48 shooters were filling their pockets to commence the shoot-off. The shoot-off continued Saturday afternoon & re-commenced on Sunday morning before a winner was found.
The eventual winner Dr Paul Anderson of Maryborough was elated when he smashed his 267th target to claim the Ossie & Doug Smith Cup for the first time over Mike Swale from the Gold Coast.
1st AA Mike Swale (Gold Coast) 266/267 2nd AA Mark Warnock (Rockhampton) 252/253
1st A Don Portors (Sunshine Coast) 143/143 2nd A Ted Matthews (Normanton) 142/143
1st B Neville Humphreys (Mackay/Sarina) 50/50 2nd B Pat Dury (Townsville) 67/68
1st C Vince Garner (Mount Isa) 59/63 2nd C Elaine Seawright (Condamine) 58/63
Ladies Julie Allen (Dalby) 79/79 Juniors Clay Walters (Goondiwindi) 53/53 Veterans Noel Beale (Townsville) 57/57
Encouragement Award: Sam Waugh (Ballandean) Event Sponsor: Winchester Australia
Saturday evening the host club prepared a meal for all those who required sustenance & the bar provided various coloured fluids for those who were "a little dry" after the first day's competition.

Following the shoot-off on Sunday morning, Event 3 the 50t State S/B Championship commenced a little late with a record 253 competitors, and at the end of it all there were only 4 possibles that included one very happy lady. After a short shoot-off history was created when Viv Moore from a new QCTA club at Surat won the right to place her name after Ray Collinson's (the 2005 winner) & Frank Musemici of Ballandean had to be content with his part in the creation of history.
1st AA Frank Musemici (Ballandean) 56/57 2nd AA Jeff Ferrier (Surat) 51/52
1st A Bill Gall Port (Denison) 52/53 2nd A Peter Boland (Pioneer) 53/55
1st B Eddie Bates (Dysart) 50/52 2nd B Anthony McKenna (Gold Coast) 52/55
1st C Colin Wright (Gladstone) 44/50 2nd C Elaine Seawright (Condamine) 42/50
Ladies Dee Colls (Burdekin) 56/58 Juniors Anthony Nugent (Roma) 49/52 Veterans Mike Collins (Atherton) 49/50
Encouragement Award: Newton Wiseman (Pioneer) Event Sponsor: Miroku Shotguns & Eley Shotshells
The Zone Shoulder to Shoulder Teams events were contested and the Open trophy was presented to the South East Zone.
The Western Zone won the Ladies and the South East Zone won the Juniors (both teams have won for 2 years running) & the Veterans was claimed by the South East Zone.
Well done to all the winning teams.

2006 saw another perfect score & as the only possible in Event 4 the State Double Rise Championship it authorised Daryl Stevens of Brisbane to join the 2005 titleholder Joe Rossato as recent "skinners" in this event. Wes Humphreys from the Sunshine Coast is wondering what's going onů2 years in a row he has shot 49/50 & both times couldn't get into a shoot-off. They were the best of 251 competitors.
1st AA Wes Humphreys (Sunshine Coast) 49/50 2nd AA Don Portors (Sunshine Coast) 57/60
1st A Bevan Reibel (Tallawalla) 46/50 2nd A Tony Coco (Mackay/Sarina) 55/60
1st B Jason Williams (Cooktown) 46/50 2nd B Warren Howell (Roma) 52/60
1st C George Oats (Mackay/Sarina) 40/50 2nd C John Fordyce (Pioneer) 37/50
Ladies Veronika Forsythe (Roma) 49/60 Juniors Anthony Nugent (Roma) 45/50 Veterans Robbie Dunn (Pioneer) 47/50
Encouragement Award: Matthew Allen (Dalby) Event Sponsor: Queensland Gun Exchange

A bit of rain & some real clouds arrived on the Monday morning, nevertheless it wasn't going to dampen the enthusiasm or assist with a few tingling nerves as the final event for the State team selection was ready to start.
Event 5 the 50t State Points Score Championship saw 9 capable shooters line up to claim Ray Collinson's 2005 title. Bill Pavy from Pioneer broke out into a smile, as he was able to withstand the pressure to take the overall from Grant McPherson.
1st AA Grant McPherson (Rockhampton) 180/183 2nd AA Bryan McMillan (Pioneer) 164/165
1st A Carlo Barletta (Gladstone) 150/150 2nd A Tony Coco (Mackay/Sarina) 151/153
1st B Juha Havela (Maryborough) 147/150 2nd B Laurie Rodden (Pioneer) 146/150
1st C Donna Nugent (Roma) 137/150 2nd C Chris Adams (Barcaldine) 136/150
Ladies Lil Brandt (Rockhampton) 157/159 Juniors Michael Swale (Jun) (Gold Coast) 147/150 Veterans Mick McGill Mount Isa 150/150
Encouragement Award: Clay Walters (Goondiwindi) Event Sponsor: B&P Shotshells
As the points shoot-off finished eyes turned to the inaugural Paw Paw Team Shield supported by the McPherson family in memory of Madam Paw Paw. The team had to have representatives from each grade & it was shot in conjunction with the points event. Nomination monies were donated to the Paw Paw club.
The inaugural winners were: Gary Wright, Kevin Mott, Grant McPherson, Graham Rudd, Carlo Barletta & Colin Wright.


Team qualification followed and it was obvious you were going to have to have a pretty good score to be considered for any team let alone the 15 person State Trap Team. It was not cut & dried and those on 5 points down had to shoot-off for the final positions in the open team. (Thanks to Carol Betteridge for the photos - click for full size image)

The following people were presented with their 2006 Open State Team badges: Irwin Wynyard, Frank Musemici, Don Portors, Steve Szabo, Kevin Jarick, Ray Collinson, Daryl Stevens, Lil Brandt, Bryan McMillan, Bruce Powell, Bill Pavy, Robbie Dunn, David Stit,t Colin Wit,t Chris Lee.

State Ladies Team 2006: Lil Brandt, Holly Wilson, Veronika Forsythe, Julie Allen, Lynne Thompson & Kristin Williams.
State Veterans Team 2006: Mick McGill, Robbie Dunn, Mike Collins, Neil Berry, Graham Rudd & Noel Beale.

State Juniors Team 2006: Matthew Waugh, Sam Waugh, Anthony (Ant) Nugent, Clay Walters, Michael Swale Jun, & Allan Bredden.
After their qualifying scores were added in the Queensland Open Team for Wagga Wagga in 2007 is: Ray Collinson, Bruce Powell, Kevin Jarick, Daryl Stevens and Robbie Dunn.
The Open Team High Gun resulted in another tied score of 150/150 and Ray Collinson and Bruce Powell will share a space on the R.A. Dean Perpetual trophy.
The other State Teams at Wagga Wagga in 2007 will be well represented by:
Ladies Juniors Veterans Lil Brandt, Matthew Waugh, Robbie Dunn, Holly Wilson, Clay Walters, Mike Collins, Lynne Thompson, Anthony Nugent, Mick McGill (the Skeet Shooter)
Ladies Team High Gun went to Lynne Thompson on 75/75
The Juniors Team High Gun winners were Matthew Waugh and Clay Walters who tied on 75/75
Mike Collins took the Veterans Team High Gun with a 74/75.
The record books continue to be updated annually as the Queensland Trap Champion is recognised. This team member is the person with the highest aggregate in their qualifying score & the team score and their name is recorded on the Ron & Muriel Porter Perpetual Trophy. Again the engraver will not be troubled with the spelling or the layout as Ray Collinson goes on again to make it seven in a row. This is a great achievement & well done Ray with a 445/450.
Two Gold Coasters, Kevin Jarick & Colin Witt came up trumps to scribe their names on the Two Man Team Cup for 2006.
The High Guns are all that's left to present & a consistent performance from Daryl Stevens won the Overall High Gun with a creditable 371/375. The 2006 carnival saw Daryl as an excited but humble winner who displayed exceptional commitment & was not troubled with recent gun problems.
The grade High Guns were next up and the recipients were:
AA Grade Colin Witt (Gold Coast) 368/375
A Grade Don Portors (Sunshine Coast) 367/375
B Grade Laurie Rodden (Pioneer) 355/375
C Grade John Fordyce (Pioneer) 315/375
Overall & Grade Highgun Sponsors: Beretta Australia
The Ladies High Gun winner is Lil Brandt of Rockhampton with a score of 355/375.
The Juniors High Gun winner is the emerging Roma member Anthony Nugent on 352/375.
The Veterans High Gun winner never makes it easy in any competition congratulations to Robbie Dunn from Pioneer on 365/375.
It is interesting to note Pioneer was the most successful club at the carnival claiming 10 placing's plus an encouragement award.
Section Highgun Sponsors: Bruce Powell - Central Park Helicopters Don Berrie - Livestock Data Link Rick Kennedy - Rick's Tyre Centre
Congratulations to Gemfields, the host club, & to George & his team, on all round good effort.
I hope everyone takes some positive learning away from this carnival so that 2007 will be bigger & better and we keep re-drafting the record books.
See you all next year.
Good Shooting
Colin Witt
Queensland Clay Target Association